Gandhada Gudi Box Office Collection, Budget

Kannada film Gandhada Gudi breaks all records with its spectacular performance at the box office, know its collection and budget

Apu’s latest film, Gandhada Gudi, is dominating the box office in his native Karnataka to the point where it has overtaken the state’s biggest blockbuster Kantara in terms of daily earnings.

Gandhada Gudi Box Office Collection, Budget

The Kannada film Gandhada Gudi is directed by National Award winning filmmaker Amoghuvarsha JD who also appears in the film. He is seen with Puneeth and his producer Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar. It is produced by Mudskipper and PRK Productions.

Film crossed 20 crore mark on its 6th day

After a great opening weekend, the small movie is doing quite well during the workweek. On the fifth day, his earnings increased tremendously. On its first Tuesday, it was expected to earn over 4 crores, a 137% increase from the first day.

The 5th day of Gandhada Gudi saw advance bookings. On Tuesday, it brought in Rs. 1.24 crore, almost four times

more than the fourth day. The pre-sale earns Rs 16L for the sixth day on Wednesday, which is a consistent number, albeit down.

Day 7th Collections

Along with this, the gross of ‘Gandha Goudi’ crossed the 20 crore mark. Early indications suggest that it has crossed the 20.65 crore nett milestone by day 7 (Thursday).

Early trade estimates said it could fall below 1 crore on Wednesday, taking the total domestic take to over 20 crore. The Apu starrer will then cross the 25 crore mark and end up with a nett of 28-30 crores.

At the box office, Gandhada Goudi earned over Rs 1000 crore in the first six days. 20.52 crore in India. Here are the 7th day box office earnings for Gandhada Gudi. On its 7th day, Gandhadaguri earned 0.65 crore (net) in India (early estimate).

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, Kannada had an overall occupancy rate of 8.83% in Gandhada Gudi.

Three language: English, Hindi and Kannada. The film was released in 250 theaters in the domestic market and is now tax free in Karnataka. According to reports, the budget of GG was 10-12 crores.

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