‘From Dreams To Freedom’ Chapter 99: Release Date, When and Where to Read Online

The much-awaited Chapter 99 of the popular manga series, ‘From Dreams To Freedom’, is set to be released soon. The official announcement has been made, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next installment of this gripping series.

In the previous chapter, readers were left on a cliffhanger as Si-Yoon confessed to stabbing Jae-Hyuk out of jealousy over Jeong-Min’s visit. This shocking revelation, coupled with Si-Yoon’s admission of manipulating Jeong-Min, has left fans eager for the next chapter. Meanwhile, Jeong-Min, shocked and disturbed by Si-Yoon’s confession, finds no solace at home where her parents are embroiled in a dispute.

Simultaneously, Na-Hyuk is seen devising a plan to expose Si-Yoon’s true nature and prevent his return to the industry. His strategy involves secretly recording Si-Yoon under the guise of reconciliation.

The release date for Chapter 99 of ‘From Dreams To Freedom’ has been confirmed for July 18, 2023. Fans can access the new chapter online on the official site of Naver Comics, Naver Series, and Naver Webtoon.

For international readers, the release times according to various time zones are as follows: PST at 8:00 AM, CST at 10:00 AM, EST at 11:00 AM, BST at 4:00 PM, CET at 5:00 PM, IST at 8:30 PM, CHT at 11:00 PM, SGT at 11:00 PM, PHT at 11:00 PM, JST at 12:00 AM, KST at 12:00 AM, and AEST at 12:30 AM.

As the story continues to unfold, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 99, ready to delve back into the intriguing world of ‘From Dreams To Freedom’.

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