French Daredevil Remi Lucidi Fall Accident Video And Last Photo Viral On Social Media

The adventurous community in Hong Kong is mourning the tragic loss of urban explorer Remi Lucidi, whose death has sent shockwaves across social media platforms. The 30-year-old French daredevil was known for his daring exploits, often scaling towering structures in various cities around the world. His love for heights was evident in his numerous Instagram posts, which have now become a poignant reminder of his untimely demise.

Lucidi’s last photo on Instagram, taken on July 16, showed him hanging off the stairs atop a building in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The caption, “Life is too short to chase unicorns,” now resonates deeply with his 12.8K followers. His subsequent post, just a week before his tragic end, showcased the mesmerizing Hong Kong skyline, reflecting his fondness for the city.

French Daredevil Remi Lucidi Fall Accident Video And Last Photo Viral On Social Media

Lucidi began his career as a stuntman in 2016, and his social media accounts were filled with thrilling views from skyscrapers in cities like Dubai, Bangkok, and Warsaw. He was often seen scaling heights without any protective gear, showcasing his fearless approach to life. On his 30th birthday in February, he shared a cheerful photo set against the vibrant backdrop of a Malaysian forest.

However, his visit to the Tregunter Tower complex in Hong Kong ended in tragedy. Lucidi informed security about visiting a friend on the 40th floor, but before any thorough questioning could take place, he made his way to the elevator. After reaching the 68th floor, he knocked on a window, startling a maid inside, and tragically lost his balance, resulting in a fatal fall. An official statement from Hong Kong authorities regarding the cause of his death is still awaited.

Videos of extreme sports were found in Lucidi’s sports camera at the accident scene. While staying at a hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Lucidi had shared his intentions to hike during his stay with the owner, Gurjit Kaur, who remembered him as being “healthy, fit, and happy-faced.”

Lucidi’s social media accounts are now flooded with tributes and messages of condolences. One of his final pictures, taken from Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, has spurred Instagram users to share messages like, “Lived his life to the fullest always seeking adventure, didn’t let fear get in the way” and “He lived his life fully. Not many can say that.”

Lucidi’s untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life. His fearless spirit and love for adventure will undoubtedly be remembered by his admirers and the urban explorer community.

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