Fraud Drama Cast Real Names with their Pictures on ARY Digital

Ary Digital Drama Cast, Release Date, Story, Timing, Schedule, and the OST for the fraud drama series. The actors in this fake drama are Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and Ahsan Khan. Ary Digital Pakistani may be seen online in high definition.

Zanjabeel Asim Shah has written the script, while Saqib Khan will helm the film. In this case, Idream Productions is in charge of producing the show. Ahsan Khan is also part of the cast.

The first look poster for the upcoming drama FRAUD, starring Saba Qamar Zaman, has been out. However, Ali Zafar’s fascinating OST for the forthcoming series is a certain way to make it the next great thing.

Fraud Drama Cast Real Name & Pictures

Ahsan Khan

fraud drama2

Saba Qamar

fraud drama1

Mikaal Zulfiqar

mikaal zulfiqar

Mehmood Aslam

mehmood aslam

Rabya Kulsoom

rabya kulsoom

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