Four More Shots Please Season 3 Ending Explained, Story And Spoilers

Come visit us! Season 3 of Four More Shots Please has come to an end leaving many people confused and wondering what happened in the end.

The story of the show revolves around 4 best friends who deal with their romance, work life struggles, their ambitions and insecurities in urban Indian life.

The series is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Finale Explanation, Story, Spoilers

What is Four and a Shot Please Season 3?

If we talk about the plot summary of season 3 of the show, as we said the series revolved around 4 best friends namely Anjana, Damini, Siddhi and Amang.

In the beginning of the episode, Siddhi says goodbye to her father while her mother and friends look worried about her.

The girls begin to miss their parents at the bar, while Amang admits that he never had an emotional attachment to his father.

Meanwhile, Siddhi tries to convince him to meet her before it’s too late. The four go to Ludhiana to meet Amang’s father, who has rejected his own daughter because of her s*xuality.

Damani, on the other hand, was struggling with her work life after publishing a controversial book as well as dating bar owner Jay.

Anjana, a single mother, finds herself caught in the middle of Varun’s family and a series of secrets begin to unfold.

Four more shots please finish the explanation

At the beginning of the final episode, Siddhi is celebrating her birthday, where Shaan proposes to Amang, however, she tries to reject him but ends up getting intimate with him.

The two casually start sleeping together, however, Amang finds out about Samara dating another girl, so he cries in front of Shaan when she confesses that she still had feelings for him.

Shawn consoles her and the pair decide to just be friends. One morning, Samara enters Aming’s studio and reveals that she cannot forget him.

The couple shared their commitments and feelings for each other as they found closure and parted ways.

Meanwhile, Damini moves in with Jaya, however, the bar owner seems worried about their relationship.

Jaya is quite sure that something is going on between Damini and Dhananjay as the latter is collecting donations for the party.

Finally, Damini confesses that she slept with him and that she is not the perfect person the bar owner expects her to be. After which Jeh decided to leave her.

In the next scene, his bar collapses due to legal problems, so he decides to return to his hometown of Goa and start over.

On the other hand, Siddhi looks upset as her mother invites Rajan to her 25th birthday party.

Although he considered canceling the party, he found out that all of his girlfriends had already agreed with his mother to go to Italy for the party, which meant he had no choice but to go. was not.

However, in one scene he meets his childhood friend Maher, and eventually invites Italy as well.

However, Maher sees through this when she tells him that she is only hurting herself by using her mother as an excuse.

Siddhi realizes her mistake and cries in her mother’s arms apologizing. Later, when she returned to Mumbai, she got on the phone with Meher, who wanted to meet her.

At that moment, she felt that she was in love with him, so she ran to the airport and confessed in front of everyone.

Talking about Anjana, she had drawn a happy family with Varun and Arya after returning from Italy. Varun and Anjana seem closer with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Kavya returns and reveals that her son needs her.

After learning this, Varun moves back in with Kavya and Anjana decides to leave him thinking that she can raise her happy family without him.