Enigma Thai Drama Series Episode 2 Set to Premiere: Here’s What You Need to Know

The much-anticipated second episode of the new Thai horror series, Enigma, is set to premiere on July 22, 2023, at 7 pm IST. The series, which has been creating a buzz for its intriguing plot and a stellar cast, is brought to life by the creative collaboration of writer Parbdee Tawesuk, producers Darapa Chaysanguan and Sataporn Panichraksapong.

Enigma, produced by O Patha Thongpan and Pat Thachai Komolphet, airs on GMMTV and revolves around a series of mysterious deaths at a school attended by the brightest students. The series began airing on Saturday, July 16th and will continue through Saturday, August 5th, with each of the four episodes premiering on Saturdays.

The series features Win Metawin in the role of Ajin, with Prim Chanikarn playing Farinda, also known as Fa. The supporting cast includes Piploy Kanyarat as Namsai, Prigkhing as Yiwa, and Earn Preeyaphat as Khaohom. The plot thickens as top student Fa, after the unexplained deaths of her fellow students Matt and Wan, fears she might be next. She teams up with Ajin, the new teacher, who reveals the truth about a magician’s curse on the school.

In the previous episode, Fa discovered a strange garment in Ajin’s dresser drawer, leading her to question his identity. A possessed guard attacked her, but Ajin arrived just in time to save her. Upon waking up, Fa was puzzled by the disappearance of a scar on her head, struggling to accept that it was all an illusion.

Fans can watch the second episode of Enigma without any charges on Prime Video and the GMMTV channel on YouTube. Each episode of this gripping series runs for 60 minutes, promising viewers an hour filled with suspense and mystery. Mark your calendars and prepare for another thrilling installment of Enigma.

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