Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok

A boxing match video titled “Eliso Kiladze” has been making waves across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok. The video features an intense fight between Lago Kiladze and Viktor Faust that took place on New Year’s Eve at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida.

Eliso Kiladze Fight Viral Video

The video gained attention due to its unexpected twist where Lago Kiladze throws a punch at the referee. Despite the surprising incident, the referee was seen laughing off the situation, adding a humorous element to the intense boxing match. This unexpected turn of events has contributed to the video’s viral status, captivating netizens worldwide.

However, amidst the video’s popularity, there have been discussions regarding its authenticity. Some viewers speculated that it might be a ploy to generate views. Nevertheless, the original video of the fight confirms its legitimacy, putting any doubts to rest.

While the video has been widely shared on Twitter, it has also found its way to other platforms like Reddit and TikTok. On Reddit, users have been actively discussing the video, sharing links, and expressing their views. However, caution is advised as some links may lead to unreliable sources or be shared by scammers.

Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Viral on Social Media

On TikTok, the video has garnered traction. Many creators have utilized the title “Eliso Kiladze fight” to attract viewers, resulting in a substantial number of views. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows viewers to easily access and engage with the viral content.

On the other hand, the video’s availability on Telegram seems to be limited. It appears that the video may not be publicly available on this platform, but could be shared privately within closed groups or channels.

YouTube also hosts numerous videos related to the fight, offering different perspectives and lengths. However, users are advised to verify the credibility of the sources as some videos may be edited or manipulated.


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