Dhaka City College Girl Video Goes Viral, Just Friends Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram

A video featuring Tasnim Ayesha has been widely circulated online. The video quickly gained traction on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram, leading to widespread discussions and debates.

According to reports, Tasnim Ayesha was in a romantic relationship with a man named Muntasir Billah. In the course of their relationship, they filmed a video, which somehow found its way onto the internet. This incident has thrust Ayesha into the national spotlight, attracting significant attention and controversy.

Dhaka City College Girl Viral Video Goes Viral

Before this incident, Ayesha’s social media profiles were filled with regular photos and videos. However, the circulation of this video has brought about publicity, affecting her public image significantly. Reports indicate that the video first surfaced online on September 24th.

As the video began to attract more views and attention, efforts were made to remove it from the internet. Despite these efforts, copies of the video have been found on various adult websites, under different titles.

The video was initially shared on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Reddit within Bangladesh. It has since become a hot topic across the country. Readers are urged to refrain from sharing such videos, as they can potentially harm an individual’s reputation in society.

Dhaka City College Girl Just Friends Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram

Tasnim Ayesha is a college student in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who has unfortunately become the subject of this viral video. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers and consequences of sharing personal content online, even within the confines of a relationship.

This incident has sparked widespread discussions on social media platforms, highlighting the need for greater awareness and education about online privacy and the responsible use of social media. It also underscores the importance of respecting individuals’ privacy and refraining from sharing content that could potentially harm someone’s reputation.

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