Destined With You Episode 5 And 6 Release Date, Time, Where To Watch Online

The Highly Anticipated Episodes of the K-Drama Series are Ready to Unfold New Twists and Turns

The much-awaited episodes 5 and 6 of the popular K-drama series, “Destined With You,” are set to premiere on September 6 and 7, 2023, respectively, at 10:30 pm KST. The fantasy romantic drama series, starring Rowoon, Jo Bo-ah, Ha Jun, and Yura, has been creating waves among fans worldwide. The show is written and directed by Nam Ki-hoon, known for his work on “Oh My Baby (2020)” and “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

The upcoming episodes promise to delve deeper into the complex relationship between the characters Hong-jo and Shin-yu. As their fates become increasingly intertwined, viewers can expect to see them grow closer. However, their attempts to defy the norms might not go as smoothly as they hope. A sneak peek into the fifth episode reveals Hong-jo trying to distance herself from Shin-yu while getting closer to Jae-kyung. The preview also teases a near-kissing scene between Hong-jo and Shin-yu, adding to the anticipation.

In the previous episode, Shin-yu confessed his feelings for Hong-jo, attributing them to a love potion he had consumed. Despite his mind resisting, the spell’s effects prevent him from breaking free from his love for her. The duo sought help from the shaman Eun-wol to break the curse, but their quest for answers remained unfulfilled. As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the second spell Hong-jo performed to cure Shin-yu’s illness has been successful.

Fans can catch these exciting episodes on jTBC in Korea, with the show premiering on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For international viewers, the episodes will be available on Netflix worldwide on the same days. As the release dates draw closer, the excitement among K-drama fans is palpable, eagerly waiting to see how the story of Hong-jo and Shin-yu evolves.

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