Depp V Heard Netflix Documentary Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Where To Watch Online

Netflix is set to release a new documentary titled “Depp v Heard” which delves into the highly publicized defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The streaming giant has already released a teaser for the docu-series, which includes footage from the trial that was broadcasted and live-streamed extensively.

The lawsuit began in April 2022 and concluded in June 2022, finding both Depp and Heard guilty of slander in their respective suits. The case, which sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, will now be explored in detail in this Netflix documentary, nearly a year after its conclusion.

Depp V Heard Netflix Documentary Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Where To Watch Online

`The three-part series “Depp v Heard” is scheduled to premiere on August 16, 2023. Unlike dramatized versions of real-life events, this documentary aims to provide an impartial perspective on the infamous dispute. The official synopsis from Netflix states, “Showing both testimonies side by side for the first time, this series explores the trial that set Hollywood ablaze and the online fallout that followed.”

The controversy began in 2018 when Amber Heard penned an op-ed accusing Johnny Depp of sexual abuse throughout their relationship. Depp and his legal team retaliated, alleging that Heard’s claims were false and that he was the actual victim. This led to a fierce legal battle that not only divided the two celebrities but also the wider public.

The jury held both parties accountable for slander, resulting in an agreement where Heard agreed to pay Depp $1 million in damages. Depp reportedly planned to donate this amount to five different charities. The trial lasted three months and took place in Virginia, attracting millions of fans of the two celebrities, with nearly 200 hours of the proceedings being live-streamed in the media.

While Netflix asserts that the intention behind the documentary is not to stoke the drama but to offer viewers an unbiased view of the trial, there are concerns that the docu-series may stir up more controversy for the stars who are still recovering from the case’s aftermath.

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