Creator Confirms Viral Twitter Frog Video is Fake

The creator of a viral video that took social media by storm has confirmed that the content was indeed manipulated. The video was initially shared by content producer Lucas Peterson on TikTok and later went viral on Twitter.

The video quickly garnered millions of views and sparked intense debates about its authenticity. Lucas Peterson was the mastermind behind this unsettling video. The video left viewers both frightened and confused with the amphibian appearing surprisingly healthy.

Peterson has now admitted that the video was not as it initially seemed. He confessed to having exaggerated the event and increased the size of the frog using digital editing techniques. Despite his admission, the video continued to circulate widely on Twitter, often without any background information.

Peterson attempted to clarify the circumstances surrounding the video amidst the Twitter frenzy. However, the unforgettable image of a frog emerging from a woman’s intimate area remained deeply ingrained in the minds of viewers.

While Peterson intended the video to be a lighthearted joke, the widespread attention it received highlights the speed at which false information can spread online. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of critically evaluating any content we encounter on the internet.

Rohit Mehta

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