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The South Korean entertainment industry known for its K-Pop idols is a massive business that involves collaboration with various high-end studios, professional makeup artists, costume designers, creative directors, and skilled choreographers. However, the path to stardom can be challenging due to these factors. This is where dance groups like CLOCK come into play, offering an alternative route to fame.

CLOCK, a South Korean dance team, has revolutionized the traditional path to stardom by bypassing the typical management-based K-Pop group contracts. The group debuted their dance cover video teaser on 20 September 2019 on their YouTube channel @clock4615, marking their independent entry into the industry without any label backing them.

Clock Dance Group Team

The dance team comprises three talented girls from South Korea – Jieun, Jeongin, and Seoyoung. Each member brings a unique style and personality to the group. Jieun, known for her neat dance style and short hair, adds a smart look to the team. Jeongin, with her baby-faced beauty and hourglass figure, is not only a lead dancer but also a game streamer who shares her gaming skills on Clock’s YouTube channel. Seoyoung, another lead dancer, is recognized for her sleek dancing style and smart visuals.


CLOCK has made a name for itself by taking on K-Pop Random Dance tasks, similar to those performed by Korean Idols on variety shows. They have also performed ‘K-Pop in Public’ in Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood, allowing fans to attend through announcements on Instagram and Twitch.

To showcase their individual dance styles, each member has released single dance covers. Seyoung danced to ‘Player’ by Tinashe (feat Chris Brown), Jeongin showed her liveliness to ‘Senorita’ by (G)I-DLE, and Guien displayed her coolness to ‘Snapping’ by Chungha.

Songs & Albums

The group’s first K-Pop dance cover was released on 27 December 2019 ‘La Vie en Rose’ by the South Korean girl’s Idol Group IZ*ONE. The video featured a simple underground basement studio background, reflecting the Korean culture of street-style comfy outfits. They later covered Red Velvet’s ‘Bad Boy’ choreography, smoothly adapting the original five-member choreography to their three-member team.

CLOCK’s members have also collaborated with LIKEY Originals to shoot reels and create members-only videos. This collaboration proved to be a huge success as they experimented with different concepts like Cosplaying and Dancing.

CLOCK is a testament to the fact that passion and talent can overcome material limitations in the pursuit of one’s dream. Their journey so far has been a beacon of hope for many aspiring artists in the Korean entertainment industry.

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