Buba Girl Aka Esther Raphael Toto Tiktok Video Viral On Twitter And Reddit

Esther Raphael better known as Buba Girl has recently found herself at the center of a social media storm. Her latest video has gone viral on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit and has drawn significant criticism from her followers.

Raphael includes over 45,000 followers on Instagram and more than half a million on TikTok. Known for her beauty and fashion influence, as well as her engaging live streams, Raphael has built a reputation as a beloved figure among her fans. However, her recent video has stirred controversy, leading to widespread discussion and debate among netizens.

Buba Girl Aka Esther Raphael Toto Tiktok Video Viral On Twitter And Reddit

The contentious video was shared intentionally by Raphael during a livestream. Critics argue that the content of the video violates certain video-sharing rules, leading to its limited availability on social media platforms. Despite this, edited versions of the video have surfaced on Reddit and TikTok, further fueling the controversy.

While some believe that the video was a calculated move by Raphael to gain viewership and become a trending topic, others claim that the moments were captured during a live stream. The TikTok star has yet to comment on the incident, leaving her followers and critics in suspense.

Despite the backlash, Raphael continues to maintain a strong fan base. One fan expressed their disappointment, stating, “She is my favorite TikToker. This hurts me a lot.”

As the debate continues, it is recommended that viewers exercise discretion when seeking out the video due to its potentially uncomfortable content. As the situation unfolds, fans and critics alike await Raphael’s response to the controversy surrounding her viral video.

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