Boruto Anime Episode 263 Release Date And Timing, Spoilers, Story, Preview

Find out when and where you can watch Episode 263 of the ongoing Japanese anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, as well as any relevant spoilers, right here!

Himawari inquires of Kawaki in the previous episode as to whether or not he plans to once again guard Kae. Kawaki can’t believe she already knows about his secret mission. Kae continues to put on the princess act by eating a little supper.

Boruto Anime Episode 263 Release Date And Timing, Spoilers, Story, Preview

Later, as she’s eating a burger by herself, Kawaki asks her why she doesn’t just be herself with the others. If you’ve been watching the Boruto anime, you’re probably looking forward to episode 263. The next episode of Naruto Next Generation will air on [insert date here], so let’s take a look at when that will happen and what we can expect to see in it.

Kae plans on throwing a tea party so that she may meet her classmates. Osuka’s celebration plans have been derailed by Kae’s announcement, and she plans to get even.

She ruined the party by sneaking mustard into Kae’s baked cake. Kawaki, noticing an odd aroma coming from the cake, decides to try it nevertheless. In response to his inquiries, he finds evidence that Osuka had hidden a message from her partner Neo within the cake.

Osuka receives a reprimand from Kae, who then demands an apology from him on behalf of himself, everyone else, and Neo. When Kawaki substitutes Takiyaki for cake, the entire class goes crazy over it.

Boruto Episode 263 Release Date And Time

Episode 263 of the critically acclaimed anime series Boruto will premiere on August 21, 2022. Assuming you live in the Eastern Time zone, you may catch this episode on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. Anime fans can watch Boruto Episode 263 with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, Hulu, TV Tokyo, and Funimation.

Boruto Episode 263 Spoilers

“Bloom Hana! The Teacher’s Gift!” is the name of the next episode of the anime. A fresh plot involving Kawaki and Himawari at the ninja academy will be the focus of this episode of Boruto. The forthcoming episode of Boruto will focus on Kawaki and Himawari’s homeroom teacher, as hinted at in the show’s teaser.

In Episode 261 of the anime, she was shown to be a shy, cautious newcomer who needed a mentor. In this episode, Team 7 will also make an appearance as a guest educator. In episode 263 of the Boruto anime series, it should be funny to see the whole class together.

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