Black Clover Chapter 367: Spoilers, Release Time, and Where to Read Online

The much-awaited Chapter 367 of the renowned Japanese manga Black Clover is set to be released soon. The chapter promises an exciting continuation of the story, with fans eagerly awaiting its release.

In the previous chapter, Finral successfully located Asta in the Land of the Sun and created a teleportation portal to bring him back. He was delighted to see Asta again and offered his hand to assist him in return. Ryuya proposed that Ichika accompany Asta to battle Lucius before they left. Asta had two reasons for this request: firstly, he wanted Ichika to meet her brother Yami after years of unjust resentment, and secondly, she is one of the most formidable warriors in the Land of the Sun.

Asta, armed with his Demon Slasher Blade, prepared to confront Damnatio. Despite Damnatio’s taunts, Asta remained confident in his abilities. When Damnatio attacked Asta with his Air Magic, Asta countered it with his Anti-Magic. This unexpected move caught Damnatio off guard, as Asta’s anti-magic skills had significantly improved.

The raw scans of Black Clover Chapter 367 will be available by July 28, 2023. In this upcoming chapter, fans can expect to see Damnatio losing his fight against Asta. The slash that Asta delivered in the last chapter might be the fatal blow to Damnatio. After defeating Damnatio, Asta and Ichika will head to the Clover Kingdom to support the wizards in their desperate struggle against Lucius and his minions.

The reunion of Yami and Ichika, who were separated under terrible circumstances, will be a poignant moment for readers. Now understanding that she, not Yami, was responsible for the destruction of their tribe, Ichika will confront Yami about his deception.

Release Date

The official release date for Black Clover Chapter 367 is August 05, 2023. Fans can read the chapter at various times depending on their location: 04:00 PM British Summer Time, 05:00 PM Central European Summer Time, 08:30 PM Indian Standard Time, and 11:00 PM Philippine Time. The chapter will be available on the Manga Plus app, Viz Media, and the official Black Clover website.


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