Banaras Movie Box Office Collection, Budget, Story, Cast

Director Jayathirtha’s romantic drama, starring Zayed Khan and Sonal Montero, weaves together elements of science fiction and the supernatural to present a moving love story set in the beautiful city of Banaras. Budget and collection of the film.

A heartfelt love story is told as time travel and spirituality merge.

Banaras Movie Box Office Collection, Budget, Story, Cast

It’s no secret that Indian filmmakers love to use Kashi or Varanasi (also known as Benares), one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world, as the backdrop for their films. But it is recognized for its spiritual tradition.

In Jayatirth’s Banaras, the city has a personality and changes everywhere. The director, who is known for creating socially conscious content, has decided to make a time travel picture that is also a moving love story.

Banaras Movie Story

The flamboyant and outgoing Siddharth (Zayed Khan), son of a successful businessman (Devaraj), enters the picture pretending to be an astronaut and time traveler to win over Dhani (Sonal Manteru), who is focused on a career. Aspires to be a student. A reality show star, in fact, Siddharth befriends him to help his colleagues win bets.

But Dhani suffers a lot as a result of his misadventures, and his career and ambitions are hampered. After his bedroom picture of Siddharth goes viral on social media, he is humiliated in the society. Dejected by this, Dhani leaves Bangalore to live with her uncle in Banaras.

On the instructions of his father (Devaraj), Siddharth travels to Banaras in search of Dhani. Siddharth eventually finds Dhani and apologizes to her after a long search with the help of Shambu (Sanjay Shastri), a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of dead people. Even if it takes more than jumping into the Ganges to forgive something like that, things change when Dhani confesses her love for Siddharth.

However, as the narrative jumps back and forth in time, all this happens, and amid the turmoil, Siddharth learns the most important lesson of his life.

Banaras 1 Day Box Office Collection

On its opening day, Banaras is expected to perform respectably at the box office. Here are the opening day earnings and occupancy of Banaras at the box office.

This film was made with a budget of Rs.8 crore.

  • Day 1 Collection: Rs.20 Lakhs
  • Day 2: Rs.25 Lakhs

Day 1 Kannada (2D) Theater Attendance.

  • Morning Shows: 12.73%
  • Afternoon Shows: 16.62%
  • Evening Shows: 18.45%
  • Night Shows: 15.81%

As of Friday, November 4, 2022, Banaras had an overall Kannada occupancy rate of 15.90%.

Banaras Day 1 Kannada (2D) Capture of important areas

AreaOverallMorningafternoonthe eveningNightshows
Hubli (hubli)15.67%18%18%%11%4
Mangaluru (Mangalore)4.00%4%3%%5%10
Kalbargi (Gulbarga)37.25%31%7%45%66%7
Belagavi (Belgaum)2.50%3%2%%0%4
Mysore (Mysore)7.50%2%1%11%16%18
Tumkur (Tumkur)61.00%56%57%65%66%7