Arrest Video of Alex Galchenyuk Threatening Arizona Officers Viral on Social Media

A video featuring Alex Galchenyuk has recently gone viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. The video shows Galchenyuk issuing threats to two police officers in Arizona, extending his threats to their families as well. This incident came to light last summer, following Galchenyuk’s arrest.

According to reports from the Scottsdale Police Department, Galchenyuk crashed a car into a sign. His behavior at the time was described as aggressive and erratic. He initially resisted being handcuffed by the officers, opposing their efforts to restrain him. The report also mentions that Galchenyuk was uttering inappropriate language while being transported to jail.

Arrest Video of Alex Galchenyuk Threatening Arizona Officers Viral on Social Media

In the video, Galchenyuk can be heard making ominous statements while being handcuffed, including threats to the officers’ lives and their families. He also mentioned connections in Moscow during his tirade.

The police confirmed that several charges were brought against Galchenyuk. These include intimidating or threatening police officials, resisting arrest, failure to obey, disorderly conduct, and private property hit-and-run.

Following the incident, Galchenyuk took to Twitter to apologize for his actions. He expressed deep shame for his behavior and apologized to those he offended and hurt. He acknowledged that his actions were uncalled for and horrific, expressing embarrassment and disappointment in himself. He also expressed regret for letting down his team and fans.

Alex Galchenyuk made his mark in the hockey world in 2012 when he became the youngest player to play a full season with the Habs since 1984. He was drafted third overall by the Montreal Canadiens that same year.

In 2018, he was traded by the team in exchange for Max Domi. However, following his arrest, his contract was terminated and he was placed on unconditional waivers by the Coyotes. Galchenyuk currently plays in Russia’s KHL for SKA Saint Petersburg.

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