Anushka Sen’s Deepfake Video Goes Viral on Instagram

Anushka Sen Misleading Video Circulates on Social Media

The digital space has been abuzz with discussions about a video featuring young Indian actress Anushka Sen. The video is not what it appears to be.

It has been confirmed that this piece of content is a product of deepfake technology—a sophisticated AI tool capable of creating convincing but entirely fabricated videos.

Anushka Sen has already transitioned from a child actor to a glamorous figure in the entertainment industry.

Her career recently reached new heights with the announcement of her participation in the Korean project ‘Asia’, marking her as the first Indian actress to be involved in such an endeavor.

However, the excitement surrounding her achievement was overshadowed by the circulation of the deceptive video.

Anushka Sen’s Video Viral on Instagram

The video in question has caused considerable confusion among fans and social media users, some of whom mistakenly believed it to be authentic.

The content does not represent reality and is instead a manipulated creation using advanced digital techniques.

Anushka Sen and her team are actively addressing the situation, looking to understand how the video was disseminated without her permission.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential harm that can come from deepfake technology. As digital tools become more accessible and sophisticated leading to potential damage to individuals’ reputations and well-being.

Anushka Sen is not alone in facing such challenges. The entertainment industry has seen a surge in similar incidents involving other celebrities, indicating a troubling trend that raises concerns about privacy and the ethical use of technology.


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