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Many well-known actors and actresses are included in the drama’s cast. All of the actors in the show did an outstanding job representing their different responsibilities.

As the show’s leading couple Hasan Khan and Minsa Malik perform. This is also the case for Faiq Khan and Beenish Chohan in their respective positions. The following is a list of cast members that have been revealed for the Hum TV show Ant Ul Hayat.

Ant ul Hayat Drama Cast

Here you will find all of the details you need about Ant ul Hayat’s cast actors, including their real-life photos, their age, their relationship status, and the most latest episodes in which they starred. So be sure to have a look!

  • Minsa Malik
  • Michelle Mumtaz
  • Ali Kureshi
  • Khalifa Sajeeruddin
  • Rabia Naureen
  • Hasan Khan
  • Ayesha Sohail
  • Farah Nadir
  • Shameen Khan
  • Faiq Khan
  • Agha Talal
  • Beenish Chohan

Ant ul Hayat Drama Cast Pictures

Minsa Malik as Samia

minsa malik

Hasan Khan as Arsalan

hasan khan

Beenish Chohan as Tabasum


Michelle Mumtaz as Lubna

michelle mumtaz

Agha Talal as Furqan

agha talal

Faiq Khan as Akbar

faiq khan

Ayesha Sohail

Ali Kureshi

Rabia Naureen

Shameen Khan

Khalifa Sajeeruddin

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