Aliza Sehar Death: Did Pakistan Youtuber Commit Suicide After Viral Video

Aliza Sehar recently found herself amid a scandal following the viral video. The incident has led to a serious turn of events, with Sehar attempting suicide and battling for her life in a hospital.

Sehar gained popularity through her YouTube channel β€˜Aliza Sehar Vlogs,’ where she showcased the simplicity of rural life, culture, and cuisine of her village. With over 1.51 million subscribers on YouTube and a following of 396K on Instagram.

Did Pakistan Youtuber Commit Suicide After Viral Video

Her life took a drastic turn when a viral video involving her began circulating on various social media platforms. The video showed Sehar in a compromising position during a video call with an unidentified individual. The authenticity of the video remains unverified.


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