Aliya Naaz Web Series Watch Online – October 2023

Aliya Naaz is a renowned Indian actress, model, and social media influencer, who has made a significant impact in the world of web series. Her performances have garnered a substantial fan base, particularly after her role in the popular web series “Mrs. Teacher,” available on the Primeshots app. This article provides a comprehensive list of Aliya Naaz’s most famous web series that you can enjoy on various online platforms.

1. Mrs. Teacher (Primeshots Web Series)

“Mrs. Teacher” is a compelling story about Rohit, a student who has failed his 12th-grade exams twice. His father enrolls him in a prestigious coaching center run by Sabina, a teacher known for her unique teaching style that consistently produces top-performing students.


2. Bahujaan (Primeshots Web Series)

Following the success of its first season, the second season of “Bahujaan” was released on November 5, 2022. The plot thickens as a murder mystery unfolds, with the blame falling on the daughter-in-law.


3. Nayan Sukh (Goodflix Movies Web Series)

“Nayan Sukh” is a new web series featuring Aliya Naaz in the lead role. Released on November 5, 2022, this series is available on the Goodflix movies app.


4. Bhasad (Primeshots Web Series)

“Bhasad” tells the story of a girl in love with a boy named Pankaj. The plot takes a turn when her father refuses to let her marry Pankaj, leading to a series of dramatic events.


5. Andha Dhundh (Primeshots Web Series)

“Andha Dhundh” revolves around Rohit, the son of a millionaire who is blind. His father hires Monica to take care of him, but she uses his blindness for her own gain.


6. Mrs. Teacher 2 (Primeshots Web Series)

The sequel to the successful “Mrs. Teacher” series introduces a new storyline. It follows a college teacher who falls in love with one of her students, leading to a complex relationship.


7. Giddh Bhoj (Cineprime Web Series)

“Giddh Bhoj” is a new web series on the Cineprime app, featuring Aliya Naaz and Sharanjit Kaur in lead roles. The series was released on September 30, 2022.


8. ATM Bhabhi (Voovi Web Series)

“ATM Bhabhi” is a popular web series on the Voovi app, starring Aliya Naaz. The story is set during the lockdown period, focusing on a girl named Maina who helps people withdraw money from their accounts using a card swipe machine.


9. Takk Ullu (Ullu Web Series)

“Takk Ullu” is another notable web series where Alia plays “Dr. Menka.” The story revolves around a gym trainer named Sailesh who faces a personal crisis.


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