Ali Zafar to Create Anthem for World Cup 2023

Ali Zafar has taken up the mantle to create an anthem for the World Cup 2023. This decision comes in response to the overwhelming demand from fans who were left dissatisfied with the official anthem.

Zafar, known for his previous successful composition for the Pakistan Super League (PSL), announced this news via a video message on a social networking site. He expressed his gratitude to his fans for their trust and confidence in him. He also shared his vision for the upcoming World Cup anthem, stating that he has an idea that could potentially result in a masterful piece.

However, Zafar emphasized that the creation of this masterpiece would require a collective effort. He extended an invitation to new composers, lyricists, and producers to collaborate with him on this project. He outlined the complete process of creating the song in the mentioned video, encouraging interested parties to watch it to understand how they can contribute.

Zafar’s decision to step in comes as no surprise, given the general public’s disappointment with official anthems for major cricket competitions like the PSL. His previous composition for the PSL was immensely popular, resonating with people not only in Pakistan but globally as well.

The World Cup 2023 is set to take place in India, and Zafar’s initiative to create an exceptional anthem is seen as a way to celebrate the Pakistani nation’s love for cricket. The singer believes that cricket is a sport where the common people feel blessed by the success of the Pakistani team, and thus, the creation of a fitting anthem is crucial.

This announcement was made on September 25th, 2023, and has since been met with positive responses from fans eagerly awaiting the new anthem.

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