Alchemy Of Souls Episode 13 And 14 Story, Release Date and Timing, Reddit Spoilers

You can learn more about Alchemy Of Souls’ upcoming episodes 13 and 14 here, including the release date and time, spoilers, ep subs, and streaming information.

During the last episode of Alchemy of Souls, we learned that Jang-Uk was having a difficult time playing the game. Meanwhile, Mu-Deok lends his encouragement. So she asks Jang-Uk to make an analogy with a game of tug of war. Neither he nor his opponent can afford to let their guard down at the wrong time.

If you’re a fan of Alchemy of Souls, you’re probably looking forward to the upcoming 13th episode. What follows is a spoiler-free guide to the future episodes of this popular South Korean drama.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 13 And 14 Story, Release Date and Timing, Reddit Spoilers

When Jang Uk saw Park Jin and master Lee near him, he was ready for the next battle. There, he hears them discussing the death of Master Kang and how Naksu was nothing more than the servant Jin Mu employed.

The other individuals Naksu had slain slipped his memory while he was focusing on her, and Park Jin reminded him that these people had to be related to Jin Mu. Jin Mu had her trained as a killer to draw attention away from his alchemy of souls, which is why Jang Uk hears them talking about it.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 13 And 14 Release Date And Timing

Alchemy of Souls episode 13 will air on July 30th, 2022 on the famous South Korean television drama Alchemy of Souls. On July 31st, 2022, at 9:10 p.m. KST, the fourteenth episode of this show will premiere.

Since the Alchemy of Souls is just 20 episodes long, part 1 will conclude in just 8 more episodes. On Netflix and TVING, you’ll be able to catch up on the latest episodes of this South Korean drama as they air.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 13 And 14 Spoilers

We’ll see Mu Deok’s eyes covered in the next episode. After absorbing the energy, they will become crimson. Afterward, she will tell Jang Uk that she is unable to see him. As odd signals emanate from the constellation recording chamber, Jin Mu will return to Cheonbugwan.

If he checks the room, he’ll discover Mu Deok and Jang Uk are both hiding inside. Come to find out in the next episode, Go Won will come to terms with his feelings for Mu Deok. To retaliate for her eleventh challenge, he’ll urge her to wager on him. In the upcoming episodes of Alchemy of Souls, viewers will watch Jang Uk and Seo Yool battle it out for Mu Deok’s affections.

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