After Rashmika, Katrina Kaif’s Ddeepfake Pictures from ‘Tiger 3’ Goes Viral

The Bollywood industry is currently grappling with a wave of deepfake incidents that have stirred up concerns. The most recent incident involves digitally manipulated images of popular actresses Katrina Kaif and Rashmika Mandanna, which have gone viral and sparked widespread outrage.

A deepfake image of Katrina Kaif from the upcoming film “Tiger 3” has been circulating widely on social media platforms. The original image featured Kaif in a scene from the film where she appears to be in a combat scenario with a Hollywood stuntwoman, draped in a towel. However, the deepfake version of this image shows her in an altered outfit, replacing the towel with a low-cut white top and matching bottom.

Katrina Kaif’s Ddeepfake Pictures from ‘Tiger 3’ Goes Viral

This manipulated image, created using AI tools capable of altering facial features in both videos and pictures, has triggered vehement reactions across various social media platforms. Many have expressed their dismay and apprehension, condemning the morphed image as an unethical use of AI to distort the appearances of women. Some have even suggested that such misuse could potentially lead to legal ramifications.

This incident follows a similar deepfake controversy involving actress Rashmika Mandanna. A deepfake video had emerged showing a woman dressed in black entering an elevator, with Mandanna’s face digitally superimposed onto the figure.

In response to these incidents and the growing concerns about the misuse of AI for spreading disinformation, the Indian government has taken a proactive stance. It has sent reminders to social media platforms regarding established regulations, emphasizing the need for increased vigilance in curbing the spread of such misleading content.

These incidents have sent shockwaves throughout the film fraternity and the general public, highlighting the potential dangers of deceptive and artificially generated content through the use of Artificial Intelligence. As the Bollywood industry continues to grapple with these issues, the need for stringent measures to prevent such misuse of technology becomes increasingly apparent.


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