Acid Test Trailer and Release Date

With “lifelong dreams of attending Harvard,” states the summary of the 1992 novel, “a Latina high school senior approaches her senior year with a strong desire to attend Harvard.” Riot Grrrl is an angry feminist punk band that she finds while out with her closest friend.” As she deviates from her father’s plans, she explores her Mexican background, defines herself on her own terms, and rebels against his control.”

Acid Test Release Date

The trailer for the next coming-of-age film, Acid Test, has just been released. Premiering at Dances With Films on June 18 at 9:15 p.m. in Theatre 6 of the TCL Chinese Theatre, the film stars Juliana DeStefano, Brian Thornton, Mia Ruiz, Giant Kitty, Reece Everett Ryan, Mai Le, and Sara Gaston. Pleasure Venom, Fea, ImposterBoys, Britt, and All Gonna Die are among the Texas bands featured on the album.

Acid Test Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the film Acid Test:

Anna Tran, Eddie Rodriguez, Hillary Felice, Jenny Waldo, and Kerianne Parker were the producers of the Acid Test. As far as the MPAA is concerned, it has a running duration of 102 minutes and does not have an official rating.

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