6 Upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr Paksitani Telefilms

Eid-ul-Fitr is quickly approaching! It’s the time to gather with loved ones, dress up in stylish clothes, and savor some delectable treats.

Of course, once the celebrations are over, nothing beats gathering with family and watching some great TV. Every Eid offers new television shows to watch. However, there is a big inventory of telefilms for the Eid-ul-Fitr slate with so many platforms in 2022.

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We’ve chosen the top forthcoming Eid-ul-Fitr telefilms for you to watch.

Mast Mohabbat

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The first on our list is Geo TV’s upcoming telefilm, in which actress Ushna Shah will feature with Muneeb Butt. Mast Mohabbat’s tale is an intriguing example of getting married converted into a heartwarming romantic story. Juvaria Abbasi and  Hina Dilpazeer are two important cast members.

Chand Raat Aur Chandni

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In this forthcoming ARY Digital Eid-ul-Fitr special, showbiz queen Alizeh Shah teams up with dashing Shehzad Sheikh. The telefilm, scripted by Umer Kazi and directed by Fajr Raza, promised to be packed with comedy, action, and romance.

Saeedabad Ki Saeeda

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The upcoming HUM TV telefilm is about just a girl who is blessed with good wealth after having a very mediocre life. Azfar Rehman appears in the telefilm. Take a look at the teaser.

Made For China

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Another intriguing HUM TV telefilm. Made For China is a comedy about families that would go to any extent to travel to China. We can surely expect some excellent quality comedy with Muneeb Butt, Sonya Hussyn, and Hina Dilpazeer in the cast.

Love Life Ka Law

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Sidra Niazi, Aagha Ali, Saba Faisal, Mahmood Aslam, Ayesha Rajput, Samina Ahmed, Ali Rizvi, Natalia Awais, Aslam Piya, and Ahmed Bashir are among the other important cast members.


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Β Yasir Hussain and Sonya HussynΒ star in this ARY Digital telefilm, a social comedy. The story revolves around a couple having their family (who are expecting a kid) together for Eid to reveal their decision to divorce.

But, while they tell the parents, they will have to remove a few dead bodies lying around the house! But, there are enough mysterious components to keep you interested till the conclusion.

Whatever Eid-ul-Fitr telefilm would you be looking forward more to, and did we leave anything out? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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